Wednesday, 23 February 2011

HCG diet drops

Trying to find the easiest method to lose lots of weight quickly? There are lots of methods for reducing your weight quickly within our day. Many people decide to go the route of exercise, others choose to eat differently. These are the most typical ways of reducing your weight in our time. Anyone would realise why someone would want to lose weight in our time. It seems like everywhere you look there's a superstar with a slim waist who is in perfect shape. With our busy schedules how will we find time to lose all of the weight we need to lose. But now there is finally an answer. The HCG diet drops is a very quick weight loss diet that really works. We'll try to break down the steps of the diet down for you in this diet.

Step 1 - The Pig Out Stage This stage will seem very contradictory but it truly works in the end. In this first step you need to seriously eat as much fatty foods as you can over a 2 or 3 day span. This does not include sugars but simply fats. So load on all of your favorite fatty foods such as hamburgers and anything else you fancy without worrying about the repercussions. After the diet is completed you will see that it all works out so seriously stock up on it all now because you won't be able to eat many of these things during the diet.

Step 2 - Purging The Pounds This is where the diet becomes a lot more difficult. From here on you will begin to start eating on a very strict diet plan. After the three days of the first step then you will commence to take the HCG drops before every meal you take. You will start by taking a spoon full of the HCG drops and placing them under your tongue for about 15 seconds. Once you have done this you are able to eat only 10 minutes later. You will need to do this for breakfast lunch and dinner. Your breakfasts on the second phase is a simple fruit such as an orange or an apple. Your lunches is going to be about an ounce of any meat with an unlimited level of a vegetable of your choosing. The dinner would be the same thing but it can't be the same vegetable and meat as lunch. You can also eat a fruit before you go to sleep. The entire purpose of all of this is to keep your calorie intake to a minimum. The HCG drops will help you out along the way by keeping your hunger down to a minimum. The hunger will seem very tolerable. Should you keep up with this stage you'll lose around 1 or 2 pounds every day until you get to your goal weight. As long as you keep using the plan and keep taking the oral HCG drops you should be fine.

Step 3 - The Maintenance Stage On this phase in the diet you will continue much of the things listed on the second phase. Except here you may slowly begin to transition into your normal diet. You will also have more lee-way to eat a lot more than you did on the second stage. You still continue to take your HCG weight loss drops to help keep your hunger down. Little by little you'll reach where you are. After you have lost a great deal weight and you are at this point you will be going crazy for some fatty foods that you are used to. This is part of the reasons why you load up on fats on the first stage. Just be sure you retain yourself from these fatty foods though. Remember, if you break the diet and start eating these items you will gain that weight back. So be sure to stick to the rules that are included with your HCG kit you will receive. The kit you will receive will come with a handy cookbook that may show you steps to make tasty things that can be eatin on the diet. But whatever you do, don't give up in the middle or you will gain it all back.

Step 4 - The Return To Normality Step four is easy, you will be moving back to your normal diet. On this step you will just need to make sure that you do not over do your eating. You will begin to start eating more of the foods that you ate before the diet but you will be a lot more careful to stay away from some specific things. You won't overdue it. You will constantly see a difference in your weight with this diet so hold in there and see the truly amazing difference!

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